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  Confucius , called Kong Qiu , styled himself as Zhong Ni , was born in 551 BC and died in 479 BC , at the age of 73 , Confucius was a well-known philosopher , educator , statesman and the founder of Confucianism . He is considered as the first one of the ten greatest sages in the world .


  Read the classical book of Confucius , learn the spirit of the Confucianism you will get many useful things ......


  Page1. Confucius is a very great thinker , learn from him .

  Page2. His words is useful even in this new era .

  Page3. Read these words carefully , you will get something .

  Page4. Maybe they can lead you to a new style of thinking .


  Page1. Confucius had more than three thousand students .

  Page2. There were seventy two students who were outstanding .

  Page3. Confucius taught his students in different ways .

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